Sewage Systems

New or Modified construction Permit requirements:
• SS-182A Application for Permit (must be completed and signed by property owner and certified septic system installer).
• Fees will apply in conjunction with the form (see Environmental Health Fee Schedule).

Permits shall be issued to the applicant after:
• 6 foot hole located in proposed area of the system has been inspected by a Sanitarian.
• Percolation test are conducted by the certified septic system installer and results of test pass.
• The property size is adequate for the septic system being installed.
• All information required has been provided to the local health department, reviewed, and approved.

Please note:
• There should not be a dwelling on the property for new construction of system prior to certified system installer digging 6 foot hole and conducting percolation test and the initial site evaluation conducted by a Sanitarian.
• If property is a subdivision, applicant must complete an ES-76 Subdivision Approval Application Form and submit with the SS-182A. Additional fee will apply.

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